Darksun Divinity

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In the beginning
Atos flees the rioting in Tyr with his body guards, Noostoron, Korre and Shep Herd.
They join a caravan travelling to Altaruk.
Meanwhile from the desert Lorat, Graian Tarmikos and Merkyn also join the caravan on the way.
The caravan is owned and run by an elf and his family.
Upon arriving in Altaruk the elf attempt to enslave the outsiders.
Our heroes meet Atos’ cousin Betram the strange.

2. heroes venture into the mountains. Are almost slain by some critters, find an old ruin and meet a changeling named Sim. They also free an imprisoned Efreet Lord.
Shep Herd is murdered in Altaruk.

3. returning to Altaruk Atos breaks the law and must fight in the Arena. He defeats his opponent and at this time Urik soldiers attack and take over the town.

4. Various activities undertaken in and around Altaruk. Korre is slain by an Otyugh. Heroes witness vanishing of a great number of slaves and flee to Tyr after freeing a couple of Gladiators. One is a Dwarf named Thrall who joins the party.

5. Heroes begin exploring the undercity

Welcome to your Adventure Log!

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