His got a bit of a temper (but unlike other Minotaur he’s quit controlled)
He is very young, the last one born in the tribe.
He doesn’t know exactly when he’s born.
He never met with a Minotaur girl.
He had a least three brothers and six sisters but never met more then two of them at once – always several were on raids and doing other busy things.
He cleans himself by rolling in the sand.
He’s got a weapon tick (more is better).
He’s carving everything (including Horns and skin).


He grew up in some barren mountains, caves and huge dungeons (like labyrinths) – to be on the waste plane of the desert land makes him feel uncomfortable.
In his tribe they called him “softy” because he kept a collection of living woodlouses.
He got lost in the caves once, and when he found out, he never found the tribe again!
They left, disappeared, got all kidnapped or left him deliberately behind.
He’s looking for hints where they might be – especially along with other Minotaurs.


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